Divorce Mediation

Less Time, Less Money, Less Trauma

Find out how you can avoid court

Benifits of Divorce Mediation

Avoid Court

You can avoid the courtroom altogether. No arguing, no complex legal process to navigate, and no public hearings.

Avoid Court Fees

You can avoid some court fees by coming to an agreement through divorce mediation, rather than going through a contested divorce.

Take Advantage of the Tax Code

A mediated agreement can take advantage of the tax code potentially saving you a lot of money.

Complete Divorce Solution

We provide the professional mediation, process serving,  and all of the court forms. We draft the final agreement and notarize your signatures. We then file everything with the court for you.

Your Agreement, Your Family

You know what is best for your family. With divorce mediation you don’t have to settle for a standard divorce order that might not work.

Save Money, Save Time

Mediation costs only a fraction of what a contested divorce costs. And completion of the case is much quicker – sometimes within weeks. And in most cases, lawyers are not needed.

Meet Dustin Stucki, your Mediator

Divorce Mediator, Marriage and Family Therapist and Family Law Attorney

Dustin Stucki, J.D., LMFT

Dustin Stucki, J.D., LMFT

Family Law Attorney and Therapist

As a therapist for many years I saw the devastation that divorce can cause in families. When divorce is inevitable, there is a path to avoid that trauma. So I developed the Divorce Mediation Program at Stucki Law Firm.


You, me, and your spouse meet together and we come to an agreement. I draft a Marital Settlement Agreement based on your agreement. I also provide all of the court forms for a complete divorce order. I take care of all the filing, service of process, and notarization.  All you have to do is attend the mediation session(s). It is a ‘one-stop shop’ for divorce.


We offer three full-service, flat-fee packages depending on your situation.

Package 1: $3500

Package 2: $3000

Package 1: $2500

If you have minor children and need custody, parenting time, or child support agreements. 

This package includes:

  • Up to eight (8) hours mediation (however, this much is rarely needed).
  • Preparation and notarization of Marital Settlement Agreement, including a Parenting Plan.
  • Education and complete support with needed court documents and filings.
  • Telephone and/or email communication throughout the process.

If do not have minor children, but have financial assets, debts, or other property interests that need to be divided.

This package includes:

Up to six (6) hours in our office (rarely needed).

  • Preparation and notarization of Marital Settlement Agreement.
  • Education and complete support with needed court documents and filings.
  • Telephone and/or email communication throughout the process.

For divorcing couples who do not have minor children from their relationship and have little or no assets or debt.This package includes:

  • Up to four (4) hours in our office (typically 2 meetings). 
  • Preparation and notarization of Marital Settlement Agreement.
  • Education and complete support with needed court documents and filings.
  • Telephone and/or email communication throughout the process.

Additional Costs:

Court Filing Fee……….$435

QDRO (optional to divide 401k, Pension, etc.)………$600

Additional Mediation……….$300/hr

What is included with Divorce Mediation?

The mediation (of course), a Marital Settlement Agreement, additional court documents and forms, service of process, court filing, notarization. We try to provide everything you need to complete the divorce. All you have to do is participate in the mediation. We take care of everything else in the background.

What is the process for Divorce Mediation

There is a lot of flexibility in the process, but it typically works like this:

  1. At our first meeting we outline a mediation plan for you and your spouse. And then we focus on coming to an agreement on all the issues.
  2. I draft the Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) as well as all of the court mandated forms and judgment documents. We meet one final time to sign and notarize the agreement and all the judgement forms.
  3. I file everything with the court and we wait for the judge to review it and issue the final divorce judgment.
How much does it cost?

We provide all services for a flat-fee so you know the exact cost up front.

  • If you have children, it will cost $3500,
  • If you do not have children but have some property that needs dividing, the cost will be $3000,
  • If you have no children and no property (or very little property), the cost will be $2500.

The court will also charge $435 to file the divorce case. If you also wanted to have a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to divide 401k or pension accounts, I can also provide that service for $500.

Is Divorce Mediation confidential?

Yes. This is a major benefit of mediation. What you say and what you disclose in mediation cannot typically be presented as evidence in a later case. In addition, your mediator cannot divulge any information about the mediation process to the courts or third parties. During our first meeting confidentiality will be explained in greater detail.

I heard it takes 6 months to get a divorce?

California law mandates that divorce orders cannot not be finalized until 6 months after you serve your spouse the initial petition for divorce. However, this does not meant that the divorce process takes 6 months.

Once we have completed the mediation process, I file everything with the court.  A judge will review the packet shortly after filing and will make a final divorce order which will be effective automatically at the six month mark. 

You can then live your life as if you were divorced according to the Marital Settlement Agreement, but because six months has not passed you will not be able to remarry. When the six month mark does arrive, there is nothing that you have to do. The judge’s order will be finalized automatically and you will officially be divorced.

So even though the official date of divorce must take at least six months, all you have to do is complete the mediation process and there are no further requirements.

Do I need an attorney to get a divorce?

You don’t need an attorney to get a divorce. The majority of clients who participate in Divorce Mediation do not have attorneys.

However we invite participants of divorce mediation to consult attorneys if they need legal advice about the divorce or the Marital Settlement Agreement. You should also get an attorney if you need emergency support or emergency custody orders, or feel you need legal protection from your spouse.

Divorce Mediation is very effective for divorcing couples who are willing to avoid unnecessary conflict and expense that often accompany attorney driven litigation.

What happens if we can't come to an agreement?

This scenario is surprisingly uncommon. Divorce mediation is highly effective. But if you cannot come to an agreement, you can choose to quit mediation.

There is no penalty, and confidentiality remains in place. Even if a divorcing couple cannot come to a complete agreement, they almost always agree on something. We will prepare an agreement for whatever has been agreed upon. This understanding narrows the amount of litigation required later on and will still save a lot of time and money.


I offer a free phone consultation to answer your questions, and let you know if divorce mediation could work for you. Call me at 916-243-0916 or email me directly at dustinstucki@stuckilawfirm.com

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